Thanks to our sponsorship program, you sponsor as many friends (in groups of 5 at a time) as you like and you earn euros each time your friends place an order on our site. Your friends receive a 5% discount voucher which they can use immediately and you earn 5% of the amount of the order from each of your friends. Needless to say, you'll enrich yourself on their back lol


Don Julien, the godfather, The Godfather sponsors two friends John and Julie

After registering on the site, John and Julie receive a 5% discount voucher which they can use immediately to place an order.

John places an order for 100 euros on the site

Julie places an order for 50 euros on the site

John earns 5 euros and Julie earns 2.5 euros (thanks to our loyalty program). They will be able to use this new reduction during a next order.

The account "rewards" Don Julien was credited with 5 euros when John placed his order and 2.5 euros when Julie placed his order. He currently has 7.5 euros that he can at any time turn into a coupon in his account.

Damnnnnn Don Julien!

To sign up for our referral program it's very simple:

    Create a customer account on the site. If you have a sponsor, fill in his email address or his code and receive a coupon directly 5%, if you do not have a godfather it does not matter, leave this box empty, you will become in a few moments .
    Click on "Sponsorship Program" once your registration is validated.

    Refer your friends, either by sharing on your social networks, or by indicating their name, first name and email address, an email will be sent directly to them.

PS: Do not forget to give them your sponsor code!

The rewards are valid for a period of 90 days. Do not lose them!



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